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Whitewater kayakers. What to wear when kayaking.?

I recently went on a kayaking trip with my friends wearing a swimsuit to hold my wallet in a plastic bag and my car keys. When I rolled and my spray skirt came unsealed my pockets on my swimsuit didn't hold my wallet and car key and I ended up losing the car key but chased after my wallet and got that back. Are their any good PFDs with pockets that would be good for kayaking and have big enough pockets for my wallet and keys and maybe my waterproof phone? Or should I just wear some synthetic pants with better pockets to hold all my stuff


I had to carry my keys with me as my car was the one at the take out spot but I will definitely invest in a pfd with pockets and a waterproof bag. Hopefully it doesn't flush out of my boat when I inevitably take on water haha

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  • Laura
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    4 months ago
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    Get kayak specific gear, and consider getting a waterproof bag for important things you don't want to get wet.  If you are in a group, only one person needs a phone, and nobody needs their keys or wallet, however it is handy to have your ID with you just in case something happens and you need to identify yourself.  This is easily done with an ID holder that you can attach to yourself, just make sure that it holds your ID securely.  

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