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How do you deal with a bad family ?

Should I just cut them all off? It's strange when the other kids who constantly steal,  do drugs, take money from them or put themselves in situations that hurt someone else in the family they are treated as royalty and given sympathy.  They want to bring me down with them or try to get me involved with their drug issues and I don't want to be part of that lifestyle and I am the one treated as the bad person.  I was a caretaker for my grandma for a year and had to do it on my own because they didn't want to help. They family decided to treat me as the bad person because I was expected to be the handyman,  caretaker,  cleaner, gardener,  lawn person, roof sweeper,, etc as I was working  full time.  It was okay for her to be by herself when I was working but she needed 24/7 attention all of a sudden when I  came home according to my siblings. I was also called out by my own grandma for not supporting my siblings when they went to their aa meetings by not going with them and she said they are not successful because they don't have support even though nobody else goes with them.  They are not criticize for their stealing from grandma or damaging her property but I am always called out because I don't do everything on grandma's list. I finally had enough and left grandma's and said if they don't think I can do a good enough job then they can do it. Now I am the black sheep even though I never went to jail, did drugs or stole from grandma 

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    maybe you should stay with your grandmother

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