Why is it difficult for me to maintain an erection when having sex a second time? (19 year old)?

I’ve been dating this girl for 4 years since our freshmen year in high school and we recently started having sex because we wanted to wait and the first time we do it it doesn’t last long so when we go for a second time I Often have trouble maintaining my erection even though we wait a while after the first time

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  • 1 month ago

    After ejaculation, your penis goes into recovery time and becomes flaccid. If it's your first sexual relationship, it can be scary at first. On average the first round lasts between 3 to 13 minutes. I hope that's not too short for you (it's important to also make your girl understand this). 

     Studies show show that on average refractory period i.e the recovery time is 30 mins for young men while for old men it may take up to 20 hours. Although it's rare some men experience refractory periods of about 10 seconds or none at all. Since, you're still young your refractory period is around the 30 minutes average. Now when it takes that long you may tend to get anxious especially when it's you're still new to sex. I used to feel anxious too then I realized that the anxiety was working against me. When you relax and wait that ***** will surely come. 

    If the erection problems persist you may need to see a doctor. 

    Some tips while waiting:

    * Try to keep your girl busy(pleasuring her in other ways) 

    * Try not to withdraw your penis from her vaginas once you ejaculated, it may shorten that refractory period. ( this is when you don't have a condom (which I highly recommend using since she's your girlfriend not your wife. Keep her safe) 

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