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can tv warp my reality?

my only solid hobby as a child was watching tv and that would occupy most of my free time. as i grew up that switched to my phone as well as the tv. i’ve felt as though i’ve been watching my life happen through a screen for as long as i can remember. nothing feels like it’s actually happening (e.g. i feel like i could stare at someone and they would never see me as if i were looking at them through a screen if that makes sense) do these connect and are there any other things that may have caused?

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  • Joe
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    1 month ago

    sounds like you're a little detached from reality, I reccomend using more of your free time to engage with the world, go for walks, workout at the gym, maybe go swimming, grab a family member and play a sport with them, if not play by yourself, grab a basketball, head to a school, and find a net

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