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How to not be scared?

Okay, so I am getting scared about the future. I’m scared that we will be living in the pandemic for a long time, I’m scared that no one will realize that the virus and pandemic was overreacted and that it’s nothing to really fear about, I’m scared about having to wear a mask and social distance for a very long time, and I’m scared about Joe Biden & Kamala Harris winning the election this November. 2020 has just been a terrible year for several people including me and I am sometimes depressed over it as well. How can I help myself get over being scared due to how the world is going today cause I don’t want to live like this for that much longer?

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    5 months ago

    We've done literally the same thing 4 years ago. There was Ebola, Africanized bees were on the news, and McCain and Palin were running for President. After a while you realize it's all the same **** over and over again. Rodney King and AIDS generations before that. Suffragettes and syphilis, and on and on and on.

    If you give any credence to this hippie crap, a few years ago astrology people were saying that something is conjuncting something in the 5th house of something... which hasn't happened since 1967-1975. Whatever the cause, everything just goes through the same cycle(s) again and again.

    Like George Carlin said "this life is not that hard. You get up, go to work, eat something, take one good dump and go back to bed." Whatever you felt about hearing that something somewhere sometime is your own problem. The worst that can happen is you die a horrible, horrible death. And if that is something you think you can avoid one way or another; there's your problem.

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