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Do you believe drug dealers should be allowed access to their children?

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    No. They should lined up against a wall and shot

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    The children should be able to visit their drug dealer parent in prison. However when the parent talks to them about their incarceration it should be along the lines of telling the child they did the wrong thing and they deserve to be there (assuming they have been sentenced).

    If the one parent (or a grandparent or other close relative) presents evidence in a custody dispute that the other parent is a drug-dealer then the magistrate should refer the matter to the police and prosecutorial authorities.

    Convicted drug-dealers should go to prison for a long time. When they are release their children are hopefully grown up.

    If there is not enough evidence to convict then ordinarily a drug-dealer shouldn't get custody. The illicit drug industry is filled with ruthless individuals who will kill whole families for an unpaid debt, or for being suspected of snitching, or even for knowing too much. Even visitation rights (outside of prison) are dangerous for the child.

    In practice the matter often won't be raised in a child custody dispute. If a parent raises the issue they are snitching on the other parent and they put themselves in serious danger.

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    Mostly yes. However to the extent that it does not put the children in harm's way and that may require limited supervised visitation. Children have the right to the love of both parents. But drug dealers often get involved with people that carry guns and retaliate against innocent family members in order to hurt their real target. That kind of lifestyle can really hurt the children. If the parent is not willing to turn their life around, then their contact should absolutely be limited or revoked depending on the severity of the situation. Even someone that just sort of side deals pot, can find themselves in a bad situation. It just places more risk on a family than someone that has a 40 hour a week job with benefits and a steady pay check. 

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    Should the government that blew up Beruit have access they did more harm

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