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Why does my wife get so paranoid whenever I come home late from work...?

Her pics are all over my social media acct. and there's simply no way women will even show interest to married men like me, let alone go out with them... I agree perverted men will date married women but the other way round doesn't happen.

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    That's a question you'll have to ask her. COMMUNICATE. 


    Typically it would be due to insecurity. She fears you will stray. Her pictures all over your social media means nothing (a lot of potential hook ups don't know you or what's on your social media). If you don't think there are women who have no trouble messing around (or getting seriously involved with) a married man, then I've got a bridge to sell you (that's an extremely naive claim...but I expect even you don't believe it). Whether you would actually cheat (if your story is even true) is something only you can answer...and even you may not know (some people don't think they'd ever do it, until it happens). 

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    Are you sure she's paranoid or might she be indicated she misses or missed you and wonders why you were away. Don't jump to a conclusion without hearing from her.

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