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Why do people on here feel they need to 'run' the site in the most devious ways possible?

A question, two days ago was asked on the UK section of the site:- 

'Why is Stephen Lawrence famous in UK when Ross Paker and Kriss Donald, killed by Pakistanis are not and their white mums are not Baronesses?'

Now the question itself didn't mean much at first reading, but in the times we're in, we had to read between the lines - and judging from a couple of the answers that followed, they surely did - and not only made it difficult for some to answer - but people who actually did, with the wording not pleasing the original answerers (or even the asker) found their efforts 'reported' - mine included. There were six answers. Three were reported - and in the end, after another concise answer turned up late last night, the whole question disappeared this morning, with two answers remaining - needless to say, the question recalled race murders in England & Scotland - with what seemed the asker angered at one of the mothers, who's black son despite being murdered had to wait nearly 20 years to see his killers jailed fought to have them brought to a court. She is now a Baroness - which seems to have become a red rag to a bull on sites like this, with anyone who answers without fear or favour being called 'arry - if the snarler happens to be a 'Karen', 'Becky' - or even 'Dorothy' who goes around reporting, erasing and doing away with Yahoo Answers which she doesn't agree with, usually based around race, what purpose do such people have on here - if only to make it less mature?

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    As one answerer has rightly typed - No one should need to 'read between the lines' of any question, but (unfortunately) it's not the Y!A it was ten years ago, with the 'site' becoming a heaven for beings who have become self-appointed 'adjudicators' on here, by reporting everything and everyone they don't like.

    And, as a result -  many who have either left either by choice, or have been kicked off  Yahoo for getting certain loud and bullying members' noses bloody have decided not to return, thus leaving a small percentage who have over the years driven away the high quality contributors. When innocent posts were starting to get reported whereas real violations were not - about 10 years ago - was when I not only came on here less...but decided to be anonymous, as I was being stalked by many for just answering the sort of questions the asker seems concerned they say - without fear of favour.

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    2 weeks ago

    Up yours Lan tVVat

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    1 month ago

    That's what it's like today, and on most of Yahoo. You're not even safe in the mental health section - with an infamous sad 'stay-at-home' dumbo making this part of YA his own. Just like the people on your side of the Atlantic, we have domineering weirdoes also - who know ****-all

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    Remember, the site is for information seeking questions and appropriate answers to them. No one should need to 'read between the lines' of any question. It's more of a question to be posted in a Yahoo Group or on one's social media, so people can discuss their thoughts, guesses, or assumptions (YA isn't a site for debate or discussion, so questions that lend themselves to that don't work out well here). 

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    Why is it that you can't follow the posting rules and ask a question that isn't a rant/chat violation?

    Grow up and learn the difference between a legitimate question and a crying rant.

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