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Honestly, what in the hell happened to romance?

I'm just feeling a bit depressed because when I was younger (around 14-17) I found that relationships were much more intense and romantic. Your boyfriend/girlfriend actually cared about you so deeply it was as though nothing else mattered. You looked forward to spending time with them every day, just the two of you going on a fun date like to an arcade or to the beach.

Now, I feel that everything has become all about tinder and people could care less about the personality of their partner, as long as they are good in bed. I'm 28 and have basically given up on people altogether now, I just don't care anymore. I want to talk about something besides complaining about my day at work, I want to do something besides staring at y date as they scroll through their phone in some phony restaurant I don't even want to be in. Sometimes I just want to do something childish and fun like hold hands and goo for a walk while sharing an ice cream. Like I used to.

Why has it become embarrassing to do all of these things with a date as an adult? Why does everything have to be about meaningless sex? I just want to avoid relationships altogether now. Or die. Either one would be good. 

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  • It's still around; you just have to look for it.  You also have to set standards about behaviour that you will (and won't) tolerate.  There "are" dating websites that are designed for people who don't want the Tinder-like experience.  Your other 'pool' is through your friends.  Tell them you're looking but you have some non-negotiable things.

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    The world is getting worldier.

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