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myy ex really does look like young manoj kumar :O omg daddy dearest and son so cute.... uffff?


hes my first love.

i still want to breed with him

:( i feeel so sad.

what to do??

how to forget him

Update 2:

i dont even like much movies but the more i listen i notice it...Same eyes, same sweeettalking yet harsh undertone lol xD 

Update 3:

it took me  years after our breakup to realize by chance haha

Update 4:

i was listening his dad sing some songs, then i noticed :O

Update 5:

question is how to forget him because he came to my mind by chance, becaus i like old indians songs 60s 50s

Update 6:

this comparison is just my feelings not reality.

thats why i dont know why he came to my mind. but i want to forget about him

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