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Dog is it very itchy what can it be? ?

My dog keeps itching but I check her constantly and I haven’t seen any fleas on her. She is on a flea collar and I even gave her a capstar flea pill but she’s still itching. Help. What can it be? Many years ago when we lived elsewhere she did have some gleans and I spotted them right away after checking her but this time I haven’t found any.  I even did the water with soap test


She ended up having fleas :( I didn’t catch them then but now they are viewable spot on :/

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    flea collars are pretty hopeless. I used to use the flea treatment you put between their shoulder blades. Also your house may contain fleas and eggs. You may need to flea bomb your house and vacuum and wash all his beddings. You could ring your local vet and ask what they have anything in the way of fleatment.  Those flea tablet u give then have to be given everyday don't they? Check the instructons. U can buy a flea comb which will tell u if he has any fleas. If it is not fleas she may have sensitive skin, and if so you may need to feed her food that has no artifical colouring, flavour and preservatives.

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    You feed your dog pork and now the dog has fleas that are ionized and can travel using sound waves.  The dog has tricinosis and it is time to put the dog down.  You can't feed a dog pork, remember that.

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    Dog could be allergic to the grains in the dog food you feed.  Try going grain free.  It sounds like an allergy & food would be the first suspect.

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    Fifty percent of all vet visits are due to canine SKIN problems.  Dogs can have ALLERGIES: inhalant, contact, or food related and that can ALSO cause itching. Time to consult your vet => about the CAUSE of the itching.

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    Sometimes if a dog has had a flea problem, the system can still be affected long after the fleas are gone.    Talk to your vet as he can give a shot (antinflammatory) to calm his sytem down - and look to what you are feeding because many dogs react to food that is mostlyi CEREAL.   Of which rice is one too.   Choose one that instead of showing cereal as the first, main, ingredient, shows meat or fish.  

    You might try an elimination diet (which will take time) which means feeding him food he's never had before, and then, over time, gradually add the ingredients he has had before.   That may show you what he's allergic to.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Just see the vet. Good luck!:)

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Parasites, 'allergies' to the food you feed, environment like grasses, chemicals you use to clean/spray in the house or you bathe the dog and dry its skin stripping all the natural oils in the coat or hormonal unbalance

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    Dogs can be itchy for a lot of reasons, and fleas are only one of those reasons.

    Could be an allergy or sensitivity to pretty much anything in the dog's environment.  Something in her food, something in the yard, any cleaning product used in your home, might even be the chemicals in the flea collar (take that thing OFF, it's ineffective, and get a decent flea/tick/heartworm prescription from your vet.)  Could be that you're bathing the dog too often and it's drying out her skin.  Could be something else.

    No one here can diagnose your dog or tell you what to do, aside from advising you to see the vet and get the problem sorted out.  Itching is a symptom, not a cause.  You can't effectively treat the symptom until the cause is identified.

  • Amber
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    If this has continued for a time and you can't find any possible cause then it's time for a visit to the vet. Itching can be anything from parasites besides fleas, allergies to even habit. Dry skin. Shampoo irritating her or laundry soap.

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