Boyfriend Avoiding Me? Using lockdown as an excuse?

So UK went into lockdown 24th March and lockdown is almost over now. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over 4 months (we met up once in a park but had to socially distance). Basically, we are kinda long distance, approx 3hrs drive away (me living near Huddersfield and him near Oxford).

His family cares for his elderly grandfather who is 92 and has health conditions, and he said this is why he couldn’t see me. I totally respect that, and when lockdown was stricter, I had no intention of breaking the rules anyway.

Now that the lockdown has loosened, he is always seeing his friends inside their houses, but still says he cant see me because its too dangerous. I just don't really know why he's happy to see his group of friends (6 people from 6 different households) in an enclosed space, but he cant see me (surely its safer - I am one person) 

Am I being selfish? I do want to protect his family of course, its just frustrating to have him saying one thing and doing another, and I cant help but feel like its an excuse. If he was sticking to it strictly then i I wouldnt mind.

I have brought it up multiple times and he just says its because of his grandfather and his mum says he's not allowed to see me (me and his mum get on well btw, so its not just that she hates me, atleast i hope). He also says its because he doesn't kiss his friends. I get that, but  if one of his friends had corona, kissing or not, he would be catching the virus if hes constantly indoors with them. 

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  • d j
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    If you think he's doing it on purpose, there's only one thing you can do to confirm it. Let him ask to see you. If he doesn't, for a considerable length of time then you'd know he wasn't into you.

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