Was "Fast Five" the turning point in the Fast and Furious series, franchise? was it the film that brought in new fans?

Also, was it the film that made the series, franchise, last this long, extend this far? Because obviously, the reason why they continue to keep making sequels is due to the films being a box-office success.

Was Fast Five the film that sent the message to Universal and the cast to keep making more sequels due to all of the money and profits being made?

i read this quote on a forum, here it is:

"It was definitely Fast Five.

The original plan when Vin Diesel came back, was a proper trilogy with his character Dom that never came to be the first time.

When Fast Five exploded at the box-office, Universal and the cast just decided to keep rocking it, rollin' it, until the wheels fall off."

Does that quote sound accurate, valid?


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