What if a whole prem league clup got into a plane crash?


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  • Adam
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    1 month ago
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    Based off what happened to Chapaconese after their plane crash and depending on when in the season it happens...

    - All of football would step in to offer assistance. Football comes together in a tragedy like no other sport

    - the club would be offered exception from relegation but turn it down

    - the club would be allowed unlimited loans for 1 season

    - the insurance money would be paid quickly and allow the club to rebuild the side

  • Ryan
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    1 month ago

    what kind of a weird question is that

  • There are multiple mechanisms available.

    1) The club would be protected against relegation based on language from their own bylaws.

    2) The club would be allowed to sign new players and use players from their U-23 and U-21 squad.

    3) There is nothing in their bylaws about a dispersal/emergency draft however the league could allow for some kind of dispensation.

    4) The EPL could choose to declare their remaining fixtures null and void.

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