How to wire / hookup / connect / integrate a 2x12v series battery bank into the charge controller and inverter?

Hi folks,

Here I am asking something that I simply could not find online: what specific connections do I make, *and in what order*? 

I was told to always connect negatives first for safety; is this true by the way? That would effectively mean starting from the end of the system, but I was told that the inverter is the exception. If true, I would connect as follows (“” means same module as last stated; neg=negative & pos=positive)

low voltage disconnect negative to 2nd battery positive;

““ negative to 1st battery positive;

”” neg to charge controller neg;

“” neg to 2x2 (Y-branched) solar panel negs;

“” positives *to fuse* to charge controller positives via Y-branch;

“” pos to lead battery pos

2nd battery neg to inverter neg;

2nd battery pos to inverter pos

Is this correct?! I am of course concerned about the entire system (I don’t want to electrocute myself), but the primary questions I have are how to connect the series battery bank into the system (and in what order).

LMK if I got it totally right or any corrections + any other tips you have, please! (I imagine this will

be a very helpful reference for the larger community.)


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