Why do Western Europeans pretend they're less racist than Americans?

The same Western Europeans that started brutal colonial empires and persecuted Jews for millennia. The same Western Europeans that kicked out or enslaved or massacred Gypsies wherever they were found. The same Western Europeans that elect xenophobic far-right parties after every immigration wave. The same Western Europeans that throw bananas at African football (soccer) players. The same Western Europeans that have offensive blackface traditions like Zwarte Piet and The Black and White Minstrel Show.

Europeans aren't any more tolerant than their descendants in the USA.The only difference was that Europe committed their atrocities in overseas colonies within Africa, Asia, the Americas, etc. while the USA oppressed Blacks and Natives on American soil it annexed. The cruel thing is that the United States has finally learned this lesson and does a lot of its current persecuting in the Middle East which it has bombed and killed in for at least the last two decades.

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    5 months ago
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    All peoples are racist.  It's an evolutionary tribe mentality.  But only the European based White races have evolved enough to actually invite other races into their nations while understanding their history with racism.

    All other races are just stuck in the medieval ages regarding this. It's hilarious how they can't even admit their own racism and make up ways to justify _their_ racism while pretending that only the evolved White's are racist.

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