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I have some neighboors who have a dog.The dog BARKS non stop for 12 years.Like crazy.I cannot open my window in the summer or spring.?

Are his owners retarted ?Because they ear the barks too.

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    Nobody needs to put up with anti-social behaviour - which is what this is.   Why on earth haven't you contacted your local authorities about this years ago?   I seriously doubt this is other than a trolling question however - what dog barks 'nonstop' for 12 years?

    If you need to be told, and can't talk to your neighbours without coming to blows contact your local Environmental authorities, make a note of when you hear this other than during the daytime (it has more relevance if it's overnight, or between 7 pm and 7 am) and get this sorted out.    Have you spoken to other neighboursl about this nuisance?

  • jean
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    2 months ago

    i remember one of our neighbours complained about our dog narking in the middle of the night (she slept outside) and so she came in at night.

  • Jojo
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    2 months ago

    Take recordings and note times, and then complain to the local authorities.

    Try and get other neighbours to back up your complaint.

    The more people that complain, the more the Authorities will listen and do something about it.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    don't start thinking the dog will die of old age soon because they will get a puppy and it will be taught to be obnoxious by the old one before it goes.

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