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Is it normal to not care about infecting other people because of having a strong deep hatred of people and because of past experiences?

As a young person who has had bad experiences with people in the past and has deeper hate and anger towards people because of being badly treated by other people before I learned to not care about anyone or anything or care if others get infected or care about infecting other people as someone that has passed trauma i personally see it as revenge on other people seeing that they deserve it. For what I went through earlier in life that other people had done to me in the past.

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    2 months ago

    Yes, as you just don’t want it to continue on spreading.

  • 2 months ago

    So is it only other people being infected that you "DON'T CARE AT ALL!" about, or do you sometimes stab or punch people on the street who set you off by saying "hi" when you're in a foul mood at the time? If you really didn't care about people, you'd be more hostile and wouldn't even be asking or caring whether or not it's "normal," after all, isn't it "normal" society that tormented you in the first place? Caring what your tormentors think at all is weird and foolish.

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