Do strict parents and teachers love the feeling of punishing kids because of the power or is it just their personality?!?

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  • 1 month ago

    Actually its because we are trying to teach you how to be come a responsible, productive, honest, law abiding, tax paying member of our society. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Actually, it's much more likely that these adults use the tactics they do because that was how they were disciplined themselves as kids, Kevin. Abuse( and physical punishments like paddling and spanking ARE abuse, and are ILLEGAL in at least a dozen US states) like this is multi-generational in nature. Abused kids grow up to become abusers themselves, repeating the lessons they learned at their parents' hands. The only way to stop the cycle of abuse from being repeated again and again is to TEACH the parents of the current generation that there are much better ways to handle discipline than resorting to spanking and paddling.

    As for teachers- you need to be aware that school based corporal punishments (meaning paddling) have been outlawed in 31 US states. That means if teachers hit or attempt to hit kids in any of these states, they can lose their jobs and face criminal assault or battery charges. There are, however, 19 US states (mostly in the deep South, but there is one Midwestern state included in that mix) where corporal punishment is still legal in schools. Of this group, Texas is by far the worst of the lot, because it has a clause in its legal code that permits parents to REQUEST that their child or teen be paddled at least once every semester, REGARDLESS of whether or not the child or teen has done anything to warrant such ABUSE. And it IS ABUSE, no matter what the Texas authorities might call it. As long as the parents make the request through the proper channels, and sign the appropriate consent forms, the "punishment" will be administered, and the teen or child will have no say in the matter. If he or she refuses or tries to evade, the police will be called he/she will be arrested and face criminal charges. The only other state that I am aware of that has anything even remotely approaching what Texas does is Indiana, where I grew up. They too have lax laws when it comes to the issue of corporal punishment in schools- and they are the ONLY Midwestern state where this is still true. I was lucky enough to avoid serious harm, but I knew people who weren't as fortunate. So the answer to your question is really both yes and no.

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