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Am I adding too much salt to pool?

I recently went to Leslie’s and they told me that my chlorine was way too high. A week before I added salt this the pool was getting green.

I added salt and then shocked it. Is putting more salt bad? They’re recommending adding another 100 lbs.  I already added the acid and alkalinity up.  The reason I ask is they are recommending I add two more bags of salt but I want to make sure the chlorinator isn’t going to turn all of the salt into even more chlorine

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  • Bobby
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    1 month ago

    It's hard to understand how adding more salt will bring the chlorine levels down ? 

    You appear to have algae growing but so the Cl2 should killing it off ? From my experience you need get the pH right first. High or low pH levels will burn eyes but high chlorine levels should be OK in time as the gas boils off in an uncovered pool.

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