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Why do i get so much hate for not being a feminist?

I basically agree in equality will stand up for it when i see it within my peer group (maybe not as much as i should but a fair bit- we could always do more.)

Ive been recently been getting a lot if hate from friends for not actually identifying as a feminist due to the fact i just dont associate with the label and have been met with a lot of pushiness and forcefulness by feminists in the past and just dont claim to be one. If people ask i usually say i believe in equality (not that many people really do)

Just wondering if anyone else has been met with similar opinions and what i should do when this convo is bought up in future. I have explained my side but they dont accept it but are good friends other than this.

Also im a female in my 20s

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    Personally I've found the hatred is when I've identified as a Feminist. Too many people are afraid of this terminology and when I see this reaction I blame it on sexism, ie that women (in their view) shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion, especially if it changes societal views of them.

    I don't share the same views as many feminists nor non feminists, I have my own opinions, but I'm capable of trying to understand other's opinions without being 'venomous' towards them.  My advice, would be, if you can't find a common ground, 'agree to disagree', this is what I tell my Dad, whenever we debate on Politics, he's a Conservative (very knowledgeable) and I'm not.  At least 'agreeing to disagree', ensures that you all acknowledge your differences in opinion, without telling each other to fvck off!

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    The simple answer is most feminists are liberals and liberals hate and try to silence anyone who doesn't drink the kool aid and fall in line..

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    Because all Feminists are liberals and most liberals cannot logically support their beliefs and get angry when asked to do so.  The other thing at play is social justice warriors (like feminists or BLM) are perpetually unhappy people and it angers them to see others living peaceful happy existences.  They don't understand the concepts of treating others with respect, hard work or frankly morals.  It is easier to be angry and lazy then a productive member of society.  

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    Feminism goes against Islam

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  • garry
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    4 months ago

    because your not a lesbian , all lesbians are feminists , didnt you know that .

  • david
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    4 months ago

    So What exactly does "equality" mean to you? 

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    Because not being a feminist means you're a misogynist 

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    They need people to blame and they need to draw lines of 'us vs. them' so someone who does not fall in line with their ideals is an easy target and more so a threat to there straw man arguments. I am guessing you are happy with your self and that makes them both jealous of you and afraid that you will disprove their ideas. (honestly, this is kind of a guess as I am not really sure what feminists want or what they stand for. From what I can tell they don't know what they want and don't stand for anything.)

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    I support you. Be who you want to be. Don't look to a group for your identity, you have your own identity. Follow your heart, be yourself, you will never go wrong. 

    I also don't identify as a feminist. I wholeheartedly believe in equality between men and women but the notion of anything in life being perfectly 50/50 or equal all the time is laughable to me. Sometimes it leans to one side more, sometimes the other, but it's not about that, it's the overall picture that counts. People who go through life angry because they can't control every narrative or detail have a very sad, frustrated life. I prefer happiness and freedom from the narratives of others!

    Source(s): I have a lot of friends that are so called "feminists"
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    You hit on something interesting. Why do so few people believe in equality and yet so many people claim to support it? How can an idea with such little support have such a large influence on society at large? People use the belief in equality as a shaming tool and in their political rhetoric, but how is it effective at either of those things when most people don't believe it? 

    Everyone wants to be seen as a good fair person, so all you have to is make your opponent look like an a*sshole and you the most noble and purist of all to win, You don't win because people believe in what you're saying, but because they want to be a good person too. And that right there is the basic workings of the democratic party and the left for the last sixty years. 

    Anyway, back to your question, why would feminists shame a woman for not being a feminist? Well, they believe that any woman that doesn't believe in their ideology or doesn't call themselves a feminist believes women should be oppressed. Of course, very few people in the world believe women should be oppressed, but the belief that they do is relied upon by feminists to maintain their power in the country, the west, and in certain parts of Asia. Feminism relies on the prospect of oppression and the belief in the reality of oppression to exist and in many ways always has. 

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