Difference between bermuda shorts and capris?

Are there any major differences between both? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, there's a difference. burmuda and Capri are words used to denote length and based on the real Bermuda shorts worn by men on the island of Bermuda. The bigeest and most important difference is length. Capri's always cover the knees and end just above the bulge of the calf muscle. Bermuda length shorts end above the knee usually at the top of patella (knee cap) Capri's have a closer to the body fit and are usually tapered in shape below the thigh. Bermudas have a looser straight cut below the fullest part of the thigh. And finally, Capri is usually used for women clothing only. Men's shorts that go below the knee are usually called cargo, jammer, outback or surfer length.  Long ago Bermuda was used only for the shorts men wore on the island of Bermuda, cut and styled like short versions of men's pleated dress pants with extra pockets.

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