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why does he and his gfs and jerk mates, and His sister Accuse me of not being  a positive thinker?

they always just want to say oh this that.

they themselves have no clue my life or living situations.

I dont complain about love.

As soon as I start crying for one minute , Start to accuse me.

Keep in mind these people do really dirty things that gives them no right to be self righteous.


i could be saying hey. Is lyft good.

Hi is this job good.

Im really struggling.

and they start accusing me,

and continue jerking off and being merry.

But say i said hey i dont give a **** about relationship or ur kisses can u stay on bloody topic, then they get pissed.

basically they want me to talk about love, to get off.

But if i talk about merit based things, THey find it boring.

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  • Tj
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    2 months ago

    Why do you even know these people?  Time to find new friends.

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