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injured at work and tested 3 days later?

I fell at work but I wasn't intoxicated. My manager filed no incident report so the next day I asked about one and he said I could make one if I want to so I did. I ended up going to the dr the next day as I couldn't work/boss told me to and they drug tested me. It'll test positive for thc, but I wasn't intoxicated. My fall is caught on a couple cameras and it was caused by a wet floor. Would a positive result 3 days after the incident mean the company I work for won't pay for my xray? 

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    Hey, looks like smoking weed where it is illegal isn't smart, now you are finding out one reason why.

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    You will be fired and have to file for workman's comp. If there is compelling evidence such as a video that clearly shows a wet floor and no wet floor signs, then you have a chance at a claim. The fact that he did not send you for a drug test immediately after the fall may be evidence that he did not suspect that you were intoxicated even though you were high as a kite. I would not admit to being a hardcore stoner, but I would argue that while not admitting to drug use, you do believe that MMJ is has proven pain-relieving effects or analgesic properties. And but for your pain, a positive test would not have resulted. Also, take pictures of any bruising or swelling. Nonetheless, I am skeptical and I believe that you were high when you asked this question. Now an investigation may reveal what you typed on Yahoo Answers. Also, OSHA laws may have been violated by the employer if they have a certain number of employees. Do not talk to HR. Immediately, seek a personal injury lawyer, file for unemployment and workman's compensation. You learned the hard way girl.

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