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which kinds of cases do lawyers handle that make them a lot of money? I have heard lawyers make a lot of money,? how?

i mean there are law firms in every major city in the USA...but who are the people these "wealthy lawyers" defend or how do they make money? which kinds of cases? why so much money?

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    Not all the best paid lawyers work for law firms. Corporate law usually involves a whole legal department within a major company. But outside of that, defense lawyers can earn a lot because they can charge a lot per hour from desperate wealthy people. 

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    Class action law suits and personal injury cases

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    The ones who make the most money are involved in class action suits. Thousands of people suing and the lawyers take 30% off the top. Real estate lawyers make a fortune as well. 

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    i think divorce and child custody is one of the major ones. also DUI's

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