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Can you ready my birthchart placements?

What am I like in realationships and friendships

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    You have a complicated chart and really, a reading would work best if you AND the astrologer sat down together and worked out how the chart influences you. The astrologer knows the theory, but may not pick up on all the possible ways the chart influences you … and may not pick up on how YOU react to your chart … so YOUR input is needed. On top of that, since astrology is ONLY an influence, all it indicates is how you will likely be IF you do nothing to change or grow.

    Expect a reading to take 1 to 2 hours, to cost at least $100, and if you are going to pay, make sure the astrologer is qualified (the American Federation of Astrologers goes proctored exams and certifies astrologers … you want a PMAFA certified astrologer).

    Readings can be done in person, over the phone, or on Skype.

    For general interacting styles and needs, look at Venus. Yours is in harmony-seeking and small-group-interacting Libra. Sextile Moon in Leo means that your emotional reactions support the way you relate, and sextile Ascendant means that your “superficial social mask” (the behaviors we hide behind until we are comfortable with a person or group) is also compatible with your relating needs (Venus).

    But Venus is opposite Saturn, meaning that early in life you had experiences, or interpreted events, in such a way that you have subconscious doubts about your lovability .. and you tend to undermine the relationships you get into. This issue most-likely arose from with your family dynamics, and one of your parents was strict or unreliable or cold or perhaps addicted (it depends on whether the Saturn influence or the Pisces influence predominated) .. so that you didn’t get the affirmation you needed to grow up feeling good about yourself.

    Pluto conjunct your Ascendant is often someone who stands aloof, and that aloofness may make people back off from them. It has been called the “indication of a loner”.

    Aries on the cusp of your 5th House means you rush into infatuation, and may fall out of love just as quickly. Look to Aries-ruler Mars for more information about how you handle romantic love.

    Taurus on the cusp of your 7th House is means you are very slow to commit to marriage/partnership. And this is good, because once you DO commit, you find it very difficult to get OUT of the relationship (if it turns out that you rushed in too quickly before you knew the person, and the relationship turns out to be bad). Venus is ruler of your 7th House (Taurus), so it gives more insight into how you are in a committed relationship.

    Libra on the cusp of your 11th House indicates how you interact with friends. And Libra is a sign of liking one-on-one close and personal interactions rather than large gatherings … even though you do have Moon in “see-me” Leo.

    Moon in Leo on the positive side is warm and generous and outgoing. And on the negative side can be self-centered and a bit of a drama queen. Moon opposite Uranus gives erratic, changeable emotional reactions, and this can turn people off to you if they never know how you are going to react. It is also possible that this aspect creates a fear of giving up independence .. and the Venus-opposite-Saturn (being afraid of being hurt) could possibly make your independent streak SO strong that you cannot accommodate or adjust in order to maintain a lasting relationship. At least, not until you learn to work with this and be the master of it, instead of it pushing you.

    So this is a very superficial write-up, and while this is the most-likely influence you feel, it may NOT be what you feel. And there is so much more contained in your chart. To get actual insight from it, seek out a PMAFA at the Am.Fed.or Astrologers website.

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