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What to do if my dad refuses to move into assisted living facility?

So my dad is 84 and he is no longer able to care for himself. I thought about assisted living but he refused and stated that he'd rather die than to have someone else help him. I am currently a student and I am literately up and running always and I keep moving places. So that means I can't take care of my dad...unless if I quit schooling and get a stable life. My dad used to say that he wants to live as long as he can take care of himself, but once he's not able to care for himself, he wants to die. What should I do? How can I help?

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    Call him every day.  Keep an eye on the situation.  You may have to take some time off from school and move in with him at some point.  Can't you do your schooling on line?  Your dad needs some attention now.  I think you should make him a priority.  Maybe you could talk him into having someone come to the house and do a few things for him like  housework.  Pray about the situation.   

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    maybe you can talk to a lawyer about being power of attorney

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    Here is an idea:

    There are a lot of programs to assist the elderly so that they can continue to live in their own homes.  There are nurses, housekeepers who make meals, meals on wheels and nursing aids who can help him with his laundry and bathing, etc. 


    This way he can go on living in his own home but you will not be tasked with doing everything for him.

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    A "stable life" sounds better than being a student to me.    

    Why not take it easy and get the best of both worlds at home?    

    The education world is in a quandary and you would have a hard time adjusting to their standards anyway.      

    Home is where it's at and where you can surely do a lot of good for others and for yourself.

    You have a lot in common with your family and think similarly.

    They are your natural allies.

    When you feel "at home", you can be yourself without having to feel nervous and cowtow to superiors.

    There are opportunities for cooperation, when you realize how the world wants to rip you off.

    A family is like a ship on the ocean - the members are protected from dangers below the surface (sharks).

    Family ties and community relations help people to live healthier (less stress), better, and longer.

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    maybe you should get power of attorney and then you can make those decisions

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