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I’m constantly stressed out and can’t stop thinking. How do I control these thoughts and stop stressing and thinking negatively?

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    You need physical exercise for starters. You're lacking a healthy outlet for all of your stress and anxiety - exercise can really help to relieve that. 

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    When we have a lot of anxiety, it puts worrisome thoughts into our heads. There's two ways to get rid of those thoughts.

    One is just to calm down. The easiest way to do this is to breathe slowly till you feel OK Two psychiatrists, Brown and Gerbarg, say a 10 or 20 min slow breathing exercise - 5 breaths a min - is good and 20 min twice a day is a therapy for anxiety. The exercise is inhale and exhale gently, 6 seconds each.

    When you're calm, you can think your way through a problem instead of just worrying about it. Think about the worst thing that can happen, how likely that is and what you could do if it happens. In a stressful situation, think about the different ways you can respond and decide which one is the most intelligent.

    Don't make mountains out of molehills.

    When you use the thinking brain, you get control of the emotional brain, and you feel better.

    Here's some advice for thinking positive.

    A lot of our misery comes from being upset about being upset. This is being sad about being sad, afraid of being afraid, and angry at ourselves for being angry. The thing is just to say, OK, I'm sad, no big deal. But you want to do things that get you out of it, whatever works for you that makes you healthy.

    One of the best strategies for mental health is minimizing the amount of time you spend down in the dumps because of a misfortune. When you're knocked down, get back on your feet as fast as you can.

    Optimism sometimes gets a bad rep. There's stupid optimism, which says that things are great when they're obviously not, but there's also smart optimism, which is always looking for ways to make lemonade out of the lemons life gives us every day - big ones and little ones. Instead of cursing your bad luck when things don't go as planned, look for the advantages of the new situation. Use your imagination. This is how to be "lucky ."

    When you're in a bad mood, look at the thought that triggered it. See if it's false or otherwise useless. If it is, let it go and replace it with two positive thoughts.

    Count your blessings, and remind yourself of your past successes.

    Stop and smell the roses. Appreciate all the nice things of daily life.

    Healthy lifestyle is something we all need. In this answer, you can read about scientists who have studied how lifestyle affects our moods - psychologist Steve Ilardi and nutritionist Felice Jacka. Look under DEPRESSION TREATMENTS in the answer. 

    If you think you might be depressed, you can take a screening  test designed for teenagers online - KADS 6-Item.

    I have advice about depression in my answers and you're welcome to click and read.

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    maybe you should get some counseling

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