Is depression an excuse for my boyfriend to be distant and rude? ?

He told me not to take his behaviour and distance personally because he's had a bad mental week (he has anxiety and depression). 

But he doesn't talk to me about it - doesn't show me affection - doesn't show interest in my life. 

How can I not take it personally?? Is it so much to ask for just a little bit of attention? Or should I just be giving him space? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You have now asked 247 questions.  So, your boyfriend is distant, rude, depressed and anxious? He doesn't like to communicate, isn't interested in you, doesn't show you affection, all by your own report?  How can you possibly still consider him to be your boyfriend, or want him, if this is how he treats you?  You say you can't take it personally?  While it is understandable that he has problems of his own which may not be any reflection on you, you have to take it "personally", in that it all affects you, and deeply so.

    Give him the space you are considering, and a whole lot more of it than that.  With maturity and age, you would look back on this experience and thank your stars if you leave him and move on , now.  

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