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I cant find any product or website that just tells me how to make a drink/meal that i can eat every meal and get my nutritional needs. Help?

I'm afraid i am just not getting the nutrients i need by just randomly eating things that are food. I talked to a nutritionist about just having an every-day every-meal food drink and she gave me a printed off picture of the food pyramid. the food pyramid is outdated first off but doesn't tell me what i need from the food im eating. it just hopes i mix it up enough to get all the vitamins and amino acids i need. if anyone can just give me the resources for what im looking for or a link to a product that does what i need i will greatly appreciate it. thank you.

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    There is no single food or single meal that provides all the nutrition a person needs daily. If a person consumes lean protein, complex carbs, plenty of fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and plenty of water they are on the right track. 


    The source site has good info and has replaced the old food pyramid. It recommends:

    Fruits = 1 - 2 cups/day

    Veggies = 1 - 3 cups/day (and a variety of colors)

    Grains = 3 - 8 ounces/day (whole grains preferred)

    Dairy = 2 - 3 cups/day

    Protein = 2 - 6.2 ounces/day

    Each of the above amounts varies depending on a person's age and activity level. A very active person may need more than the recommended amount. You can read more about it at the source link. Click on each good group across the upper part of the page, then the "learn more" link for each one, for more detailed information. 

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    This is what a healthy plate looks like, half the plate should be fruits and veggies and the other half should be meat (seafood, chicken, pork, beef etc etc) and starches (rice, pasta, quinoa, whole wheat bread, potato etc etc). If you eat like this, you will be getting all the nutrients, don't forget to have dairy a few times a day for vitamon D and calcium.

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    all I can siggest is taking a daily multi-vitimin pill, nowadays you can even buy vitimin products that are designed especally for mens needs or womens needs

    (wellman vitimins and wellwoman vitimins)

    hope this helps in some way

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