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What would you say REALLY separates us from animals? I say it's taking vacations, but... that's just me.?


@KennyB: ok you TAKE your dog on vacations, but HE would never organize or suggest one!

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    I think its exploration. We want to see what is on the other side of the ocean or mountains, just to see what is there. Animals may travel, but they do it to follow the food or for the weather.

  • John P
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    3 weeks ago

    Managing to avoid pregnancy while having pleasurable sex.

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    We are made in the image of God and have an eternal soul.  Please read the New Testament for more information.  I suggest starting with the Gospel of John. 

  • Mike W
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    1 month ago

    Animals don't carry mobile phones and play golf.  

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    "REALLY"?   Man in God's Image and likeness, with soul-realization potential unto immortal Being in the One.  Otherwise, post-Edenically, man is a "featherless biped." (fb)

    If one is analyzing in the fb realm, then mankind or a kind of man of atomic dust, Adam, has more language than other species, more literature, more music, more buildings, etc.--many essential axes, but lesser similars are to be found among other fb and even other groups.

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    Plants possess a vegetative soul which is defined by the ability to grow and reproduce. Animals have a sensitive soul, which includes the features of the vegetative soul as well as mobility and sensation. Humans have a rational soul, which includes all of the features of the animal soul as well as thought and reflection.

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    animals only care for themselves. caring for others is what makes us human

  • Liz
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    1 month ago

    The marvelous gift of free will separates us from mindless robots and from animals that act mainly on instinct.

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    We are the only animals that use "authority".

    The evolution of which can be seen and described as

    1) Darwinian biologic behaviour from it's origin in genes & the genome 

        through to the general biological behaviour under "fight of flee".

    2) Objective (authoritative or evolutionary) Knowledge via philosophy ; 

        where It's Origin^ is behaviour since Authoritative records began^^

        to present "learning from human mistakes"*.

        This is a better "Reset of known Evolutionary behaviour" and can also

         be known as resetting "known environmental behaviour" too.

    2a) Tentatively described as Intelligent (environment evolving) design

           over previous "Darwinian Selection theory". 

           The theory is a design of better, more open and freely objective 

           behaviour through human authority and "sustainability". 

       ^ Origin starting with the Ancient Peripatetic Greeks

       ^^ Any and all authoritative records past.

        *  Reflecting BACK through such PAST human mistakes.. also

           projecting FORWARD to most likely authoritative, objective

           mistakes. (Environmental + behavioural etcetera)**

        ** One behavioural mistake answered here the one

            of continuing "Space Travel". And my insistence that such endeavours

            are A MISTAKE...

            primarily a mistake known as "a SEARCH for-other-Life" usually in 

            conjunction with the explanation of searching for A BETTER (home)                          ENVIRONMENT.

            The mistake is of course one of,  Who-is-to-say that we wouldn't make

            THE SAME Mistakes on a "better place or planet" AGAIN...?

            (especially as we haven't SOLVED OUR OWN here on Earth..).


            "Authoritative Open Mistakes" therefore of huge implications for

            human culture et al.    

    Source(s): Objective Philosophy knowledge
  • KennyB
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    1 month ago

    But....I take my dog with me on vacation!

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