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Do you think that Ru Paul should be the V.P. Candidate for Joe Biden?

He is just as qualified as any of the Black women under consideration, huh?


Paula c, why not a Black man for V.P.?

Did I catch you at that "time of the month"?


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    Yep, RuPaul would be perfect.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Either it or Chaz Bono. Whatever happened to either it’s a boy or it’s a girl ?  Now the wackos are up 57 sex types. Can America afford to build bathrooms for each type ? And would they use some kind of special toilet paper ?

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  • paul c
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    1 month ago

    When your parents return home, ask them to explain the differences between "being a woman and dressing like a woman". Then ask if your sense of humor "works for them".  You might come from an unfunny family, and that would explain why you post  unfunny things and appear to think your being funny.

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