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Democrats: What specific legislation do you think would help address the gender-pay-gap that supposedly exists?


@Slickterp: so it is your view that salary negotiation should be illegal?

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    First, it exists, we statistically know this beyond the shadow of a doubt.  Simple, equal pay for equal work laws.  If you have the same job, you have the same pay within a certain %, and that gap is based on nothing but your experience level/time in the job.  It's literally incredibly simple to solve this issue.

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    A law requiring America's youth to take classes in critical thinking and maybe in economics and/or statistics.

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    Other than the existing Equal Pay Act of 1963, amending the Fair Labor Standards Act that protects against wage discrimination based on sex? The Equal Pay Act (EPA) protects both men and women.

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    No legislation is needed because the 4th Amendment already gives rights.  However, legislation may fund the establishment of agencies with government investigators and attorneys specifically handling cases of alleged discrimination in gender pay gap situations.

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