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Ive really wasted myself/my youth. Does anyone feel similar to this? ?

Im 42, female and have always been a tomboy, have never looked pretty because ive never known how to do my hair. At school, college and most of my worklife Ive always worn trousers and had short hair and dressed in tracksuit like gear in my leisure time. My mum always used to say that i made myself look ugly. I remember at collegue in a psychology class the lecturer decided to do a facial attractiveness activity (with our consent) and i scored the lowest - a load of 4’s and 5’s out of 10 lol. This pretty much confirmed that i didnt look great. But still after this i had no idea how to do my hair etc. Ive aleays been petite 5ft and had an athletic body which ive been complimented on a lot, it was just my face and hair lol

Due to lockdown ive grown my hair long/shoulder length for the first time.  i tried putting it in a side platt and was surprised how pretty it made me look, i mean average/half decentish . I really wish that during my school and college days id have done this and looked like this plus worn skirts but i had no idea!  I could have then got dayes like other girls. Although ive stayed athletic looking through exercise Ive been through life wasting myself and appearance. It kills me a bit inside as i e never had many relationships or much interest from men through my own fault. I was extremely quiet too with no social skills which ive now build in a way. 

Now im too old to wear a bloody plait and to attract men in the same way. Just wanted to rant

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