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How do I deal with pushy friend who is stepping boundaries?

I moved to a new city and made a new friend.  We hit it off great at the beginning and shared a lot of mutual interests together.  After a couple months though, I started noticing little things in his behavior towards me that have made me step back from him and truly question who this person is. 

He seems very ambitious to tie himself to me.  Every interaction I have with him, I notice more and more the ways he is trying to become more associated and more tied down to me.  I am introverted.  I am friendly to everyone but at the end of the day the only person in my image is me (I know that sounds selfish). 

I have pulled away from him, and trying to communicate that I would like some distance, but he doesn't seem to be taking the hint.  He calls me almost every weekend.  A few days ago I actually confronted him about it and politely told him that he needs to back off.  That I would like my space.  Sure enough, he shot back.  I said what I wanted and he said he "understood."  However, I still anticipate that I will hear from this person in the very near future and he will be very eager to poke at my new found boundaries?

Can anyone relate?  What should I be prepared for?

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    Based on your posted experiences with rape (was it or wasn't it) and drug abuse I wouldn't let ANYONE get close to me.

    Selfish is the LEAST of your negative attributes.

    Don't want to hear from someone? BLOCK HIM.

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