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Why did she act like thid if she always said she liked me?

I like a girl who is 4 years younger than me, I always took care of her as if she was my sister and we have a special bond, she basically helped me to get through my childhood (I took care of her, I was a war orphan, so taking care of her was a way to forget not having a family), it also helped her, as her parents worked and I was the one to look after her. She is the sister I never had and all our lives she has always admired and wanted to be like me. I ended up realizing she is the closest person I have in the world and wanted more than a friendship. One day at the lake while we were on the boat she told me while crying that she was so scared to lose me and that she started feeling jealous about me, especially since I became a teenager, which was some years ago. I asked her why, she said 'because you are handsome', blushed and then she basically raised my self esteem. When we got back she let me rest on her belly and touched my hair. I got up suddenly and kissed her really passionately because something got me in that moment, but she blushed and pushed me away and then yelled at me why and I just told her cause I love you, you are mine. She got up and waited for the bus alone. When i tried to talk to her she walked away and told me to stay away. Why? Why if she told me she loved me and that I was handsome?

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    My .02 cents

    I think you are confusing deep friendship and possibly a crush vs her wanting to be in a relationship with you! That seems to be the issue here that you are failing to accept:

    She clearly cares alot about you, and at a time years ago she may have had a crush on you but that doesn't mean she wants a relationship, and she sure as hell didn't appreicate you kissing her.

    I think you need to find this girl and apologise to her.

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    maybe cause she dont want to have a relationship with another girl

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    She sees you more of a big brother type figure than someone who will try it on with her. I expect others have done that. 

    Next time you see her, try to light of it and apologise that you got a bit carried away. Don't actually make it funny: you need to show that you do respect and appreciate her.

    Good Luck!

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    Why, why, why?     1302984570192387290384 times you ask "Why" in your fake questions...

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