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My best friend enjoys very much to destroy my mood....why?

We are both females

She hates if i have confidence and when she realised that i have confidence she act like crazy and she tries to convince me that i am ugly...

And when i want to achieve something good for my self she bring me down and remind me that i am not that special

Why does she act like this???

She hates if i feel happy and she wants me to be a miserable person....


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  • 2 months ago

    Maybe she's a narcissist? That's one characteristic - they like to try to make people feel likeShit. On top of this, most narcissists are very insecure on the inside... so dish some critical comments back to her and don't put up with what she says.  

    If you react to her crap, it's like putting gasoline onto a fire. You're feeding her wishes to control you.  So don't react. I think the best thing to do is to act like you're unaffected and then turn around and walk away, say "i have to go" and then do it.  

    I am associated with a narcissist and i don't put up with her crap.  If she starts anything i just smile and say, "gotta go", then i go.  She's gotten the message loud and clear and she doesn't try to pull her crap on me very often at all anymore because she knows the drill - i'll just leave and go on my merry way (and merrily too!!)

    If YOU FEEL HAPPY then continue to to so.  Not sure why someone else's self-hatred and insecurities have to impact your life.  They don't.

  • 2 months ago

    Your best friend? People like that feel ugly on the inside, they want to be who you are so bad, and they will never amount to anything so to bring you down makes them feel superior. A real friend helps lift you up, reminds you of how great and spectacular you really are. Learn to always love yourself because you need that motivation to keep you lifted. Never allow misery to steal your worth. Worthless people don’t need to be around things of value. Get rid of that friend because she’s dead weight to you. You hand around her long enough Hearing those  Words they will start to stick to you. Don’t let her win LOSE HER. Continue to be great 

  • 2 months ago

    shes not ur best friend at all. full stop. u are actually an idiot.

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