are we engaging in national suicide?

are we really that stupid??

A mature response would be to have the public health officer of the area come on TV/ radio/ internet, whatever, give us clear, straightforward facts, and AS ADULTS without the need for mandates, we would follow their advice and "protect each other".  "Were all in this together" I always read, so the mandate ought to be in our HEARTS and MINDS.  

But no, we are CHILDREN in the bad way: mommy and daddy are stealing our freedoms, so we rebel, and pay with our lives, literally.  

Embarrassed and ashamed of our national response (that has led to the above article.  Thanks to heroes and mature, essential people, incl me a DC.  )


This article focuses on Italy, where my mother was raised and I still have cousins (cugini) there.  

Update 2:

The US is reporting more than 45,000 positive Covid-19 tests on average every day

I wrote this Q 2 months ago; still think it's true.  :(

Update 3:

what are we DOING to ourselves??  We have to decide if we want to LIVE or DIE.  Even if the local public health officer pleaded with us to do the right thing and asked us for feedback on what they (the officers) should do differently, I doubt we would listen.  Go Jacinda in NZ!

Update 4:

the URL doesn't, but the article title uses the "r" word (record) :(.  

Lots of conscientious people in the US (like me), but I cannot be proud of our medical behavior as a whole.  PE Joe, get us out of here!!

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