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why do people like to have "Get togethers" on weekends?  what do most do during a "Get together"?

like have a few friends from work over for dinner, watch a movie? watch a game? what is so great about it? I would rather spend any free time on the computer or studying , reading about history, etc


i mean people really , honestly enjoy them? even dressing up a bit to "Get together"? what is the ultimate goal or aim for these get togethers? why? I would feel nervous and uncomfortable having people around me and espeically in my home. why some are this way and i am like i am?

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    Most people like the connection they have with family/friends/colleagues, and as such, they enjoy spending time with them.  This satiates their desire to connect with those around them by providing comfort/safety/belonging.  The activities within a get together are different for people.  Some people do dinner parties/barbecues, others might play video games, some people play trivia/board games, some people like to engage in conversation over cheese and wine/pizza and beer, some people engage in a working bee, some have picnics and play football, and the list goes on.

  • Jerry
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    2 months ago

    Some humans crave a lot of interactions with others while some prefer a lot more solitude. But very few of us want to NEVER be around others. 

    Human beings are social animals. We naturally live in groups, not as lone individuals. Like human cravings for salt, fats, and sweets, the desire to NOT be totally solitary is "hard wired" into us.  Why? That would be something like evolution or God or Nature, something beyond my knowledge and understanding. 

  • East
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    Get together means that you literally get together in a group in the living room or back yard and have drinks and talk.  It's fun.  I'm an introvert too but we all need people (unfortunately).

  • Liz
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    Getting together with other people is a basic human need. I think of a line from one of the songs we used to sing in grade school for sing-along-time. No man is an island; no man stands alone.

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  • drip
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    Get togethers are mostly to talk. See friends and family members you don’t see during the week. To socialize. Eat. 

    Watching a sports game would be appropriate. But a movie, no not really for a get together. 

    My nephew has a fire pit and has an open invitation to all friends to join him one the weekends. They light up the fire, have s’mores. Have some beer, relax. 

    I prefer small gatherings at my house. A couple over.  My husband and adult kids game. So having a few friends over for a game is common for us to do

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