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Is it illegal to sell a phone and say it’s unlocked when it’s not ?

Some guy sold me a phone and said it was unlocked when it isn’t and It’s not even Paid off 


He did do it deliberately I messaged him and he said too bad I have to pay Bills, and that I should just sell it to someone else

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    Not a thing you can actually do, you were scammed. If the phone had been paid off, you could have paid to get it unlocked. But since there is a balance on the phone, the carrier has Blacklisted the phone's IMEI/ESN, effectively turning it into a paperweight.

    Always, always, always, get the person to give you the phones IMEI or ESN, so you can call the carrier or use at least 2 of the many IMEI checkers on the internet. 

    If the phone has not been paid off, it should show that it is still being financed. 

    If not the final bill has no been paid off or the owner skipped out on the bill, it will show Blacklisted. 

    If lost or stolen (and has been reported), it shows up as such. 

    And if you ask and they play games and don't want to give you the IMEI, walk, no matter how good that deal is. 

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    Yes it's fraud.  Contact the police.  However the police may consider a civil matter and you will have to sue him in court.  

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    If he did it deliberately, it's fraud.  His defence would be to say he's a layman and doesn't know much about phones.  It's likely the phone was stolen and he's miles away with your money.

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