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Why Cancer zodiac always get cheated ?

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    3 months ago

    They get too clingy.

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    4 months ago

    They don't always get cheated. IF someone gets cheated (regardless of their Sun Sign) it is something in their subconscious that was attracted to someone who was not inclined to commit .. who stood off in some way. And usually this is when we don't like ourselves, so we are more comfortable becoming involved with someone who won't commit fully (even if they say they will ... our gut feelings are more accurate than words are). If we do not like ourselves, then we cannot believe anyone could stay in love with us, so we pick those who cannot fully commit (our subconscious seeks out whatever will confirm its beliefs).

    My father had Sun in Cancer, never cheated, and neither of his wives cheated on him.

    My second husband has Sun in Cancer, and neither his first wife nor I have cheated on him .. nor has he cheated.

    And over my 43 years of being a professional astrologer, giving readings in person, I have done readings for roughly 600 people with Sun in Csncer ... so I have a large database of experience.

    Just because you know a few people with Sun in Cancer who have been cheated on does NOT mean that this is a trait of having Sun in Cancer.

    And besides .. Cancer is ONLY their SUN Sign .. it is easy to find, and that is why writers sell it .. but Sun sign astrology is not real astrology.Most of what influences our relationships is what we NEED from and give TO our interactions with others .. and that is our Venus, not our Sun. Also, how we react emotionally .. which is our Moon. And how we go after what we want, and how assertive or aggressive we might be .. which is our Mars.Also, our Ascendant is our social mask, so that influences how people respond to us.Our 5th house is how we approach romantic love.Our 7th house is how we approach committed relationships (marriage/partnershps).Our 11th house is how we approach friendshipsSun only relates to what WE need IF we are going to feel whole inside .. Sun is the planet of how we find a sense of wholeness and self-fulfillment, but doesn't really indicate how we relate to others.  And how we relate to others affects who we attract, and who we are attracted to.

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    4 months ago

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    4 months ago

    Because somebody has to be cheated so it may as well be you.  Boo hoo.

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  • 4 months ago

    I feel Leo and Cancer gets cheated

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