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Did my girlfriend cheat on me she has genital herpes now?

Please help me serious and I am going through a lot.

My girlfriend has genital herpes now. Located below her vagina. She started to feel ill last Monday (7/27) and got the cyst on Wednesday (7/29).

Last time I had sex with her was (7/25) and (7/23).

She got tested (7/30) and got her results via pcr swab test ((most accurate test)8/01)

She has only been with 2 partners sexually the first being a jailbird who managed to take her virginity last year in march (only had sex once) and me (more times than I can count). She also received oral sex from an ex boy friend 3 years ago for the first time but never received oral sex ever again until she met me.

She got tested in may of 2019 and cameback negative. I got tested 6 times in a year because I have a fragile immune system and my ex girlfriend cheated on me. Those results also came negative. I got a skin lession on my face and I went to get it tested 2 days ago because I'm in denial of cheating and the doctor said it's 1 million percent not herpes laughed at me and refused to test me. She told me that my girlfriend got it in a hard to reach spot orally. My girlfriend said she never had herpes before and I never had herpes.

I love my girlfriend to death and I am in slight denial because I have so much faith in her. She told me that she has only been with only two guys with a full on sexual relationship and all that but I am so confused now. If I don't have hepes who did she get it from and how.

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  • If she tested positive then you should get tested for herpes, since you've been exposed to herpes if you've had sex since she tested positive. Some people can have herpes with out having any signs or symptoms of it. 

    Herpes can be passed through birth, when a baby comes through the birth canal, if the mother has a break out of genital herpes at the time. But if this happens the person can have life long health issues. 

    Also herpes can be passed to the mouth during child hood, by being innocently kissed by a close friend or family member that has it. 

    Usually herpes show symptoms with in a few weeks of being exposed to it. But there's also a slim chance that she could have had it since her previous partner. She could have contracted genital herpes, by receiving oral sex from some one that gets cold sores. Cold sores can be passed from the mouth to the genitals during oral sex, while or around the time a break out occurs. 

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    Herpes is  virus which can even been transferred in pregnancy to the child. It can be quiet until the immune system is weak or people can be under stress.

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    There's no way that anyone on the internet can know the answer to this. Either she cheated on you and got it somewhere else, or she had it when she came into the relationship but got false-negative tests, or you gave it to her and you got false negative tests. 

    This is why sex should be reserved for monogamous marriages.

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