What planets are dominant in my chart?

Based on my zodiac chart which planets do you think are more shown in terms of energy?


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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "Nothing is angular in your chart"

    What about that Moon in the first?

    " ... there are no major aspect configurations .."


    Mars is the most elevated and in his domicile in Aries in the 9th house.  If you think you need something called "dominant planets," Mars is as good as any. Frankly, that description is virtually meaningless especially when you're not told what to do with it. 

    Jupiter is in his domicile, Pisces, and I can't tell from this particular chart, but Jupiter looks like he is within 5 degrees of the 9th cusp and if so, he's pretty powerful.  On the other hand if Jupiter is in 8, he is weakened. So Mars "dominates" and maybe Jupiter as well. Moon in the first is definitely "dominant."

    Venus is in Sagittarius, and fire signs are not the most comfortable for Venus, but she is in the 5th house of her joy.  That is a strong accidental dignity. 

    The real problem in this chart, and it's not a death sentence, is the ruler of the ASC, the Sun, is in the 6th house of illness. Chronic sickness or diseases is a potential problem. The malefics don't afflict the ASC or the Sun, so it probably is nothing or minor. 

    Everything is on the western half of the chart except the Moon.  Get a copy of Grant Lewi's "Heaven Knows What."  He's big on chart configurations and yours is a bucket, and the Moon is the handle.  He would argue that means everything in the chart is filtered through that Leo Moon. I'm not too much on that stuff, but since the Moon is in the first, it might be worth investigating. So go learn everything about the Leo Moon and then look at the other planets and what they signify and see if you don't see everything through that lens of the Leo Moon, the desire for recognition.

    And forget the goofy things like "dominant planets."  Work with what you have, and don't worry about superficial stuff. 

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Nothing is angular in your chart, and there are no major aspect configurations (we don't use Chiron or the Angles when looking for aspect configurations).

    The closest you come to having any dominant planets in your chart is that stellium in Sagittarius:  Venus is conjunct Saturn, Saturn is conjunct Uranus (but Venus is not conjunct Uranus).  And Moon is trine all 3 of those planets.

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