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So I have been talking to this girl for the last 2 weeks, I have never met her in person and recently we broke apart for reasons as she has intentionally been making me feel jealous, by letting other guys sleep in her bed and etc. my friends and my sister have told me to leave her. but I want to make things work out for the better. Earlier I had one of my friends come over for a visit for whatever reason, and she figured out I was in a bad mood from a fight I had with her earlier the other night. she tried to make me feel better and eventually, she hopped on top of me and grabbed my groin. I hesitated for a few seconds until I pushed her off and told her to leave. I told the other girl in question about what happened cause it was bothering me and I didn't want her to be mad or upset down the line if things work out.

She had also mentioned to me that I was welcome to see another woman if I wanted to, but I was dedicated to making what we had work. my question right now is that I feel guilty for the incident even though we aren't actually together. 

should I feel guilty about what happened? should I continue to try to make things work or just leave and save myself grief? all we've been doing the last couple of days have been fighting about one thing or another. 

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    You are going out of your way to get the answer you want. You came here in hopes of people saying you should make it work because that is what you want to hear. You in your right mind know it wont work out and someone who is that petty should never even be considered a good girlfriend (or viable girlfriend). 

    My suggestion is that you break it off, cut ties with her because it wont end up being a good relationship even if you do make it work. She is not someone you should be spending your emotional energy. 

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    I think you and this girl want different things. It doesn’t seem like she wants a commitment and has been somewhat open about that by telling you she’s had other guys in her bed. Also, is there any reason you haven’t met after 2 weeks? It just sounds to me like she wants someone to flirt with that gives her attention and love, but doesn’t really want to pursue anything. 

    I suggest moving on, I doubt this will end in your favour 

  • 4 months ago

    Ha hah a ha ha ha ha ha...yeah, right.

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    Haha you never met the girl shut up 

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Yo, the only advice I can give you is listen to the one's who actually love you. You've mentioned that your sister wants you to leave her, believe me when I say that, in this kind of situations people can't generally see what is happening with them. No one else knows you better than family, do what she tells you because no matter what kind of a relationship you have your family, your family always knows whats better for you, and they will always look out for you. I was in a similar situation once, I didn't listen to my friends who told me to stop but I went at it, and it got me hurt. It took me a lot of time to recover and all I thought while recovering that why I didn't listen to my friends. My infatuation had grown over my eyes that I saw every situation as a sign, and my brain shaped everything happening to me in some kind of an optimistic fantasy.

    Bro, listen to your sister before you get seriously hurt. I tell you from experience that the road you want to choose won't end well, if you don't see the reality from the eyes of someone who isn't blinded by infatuation.

  • Alan H
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    4 months ago

    You do not have a relationship, you have an online fantasy.

    She is playing games 

    Try real life

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago


    You're obviously suffering from some kind-o--Reality dissociation.

    You're NOT in a "Situationship" and 'breaking apart' isn't even part of the vocabulary as long as you haven't even met in person.

    Reality Check Homey!

    Every profile you see is NOTHING but Entertainment Fantasy Amusement unless & until you've actually met and had something to do with each-other for Real! 

    Otherwise the girl of your wet-dreams might as well just be a morbidly obese loser in pop-bottle glasses living on hot-pockets & energy drinks in his parent's basement.

    I suggest getting a grip on yourself before some clever Web-snake takes you to the frkn cleaners or mind-fu#ks you into a social-media suicide statistic!  

  • 28AKO
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    4 months ago

    When she stated to you that you can see other females that was telling you she's not serious about you relationship wise and she's seeing other ppl keeping all her other options open. U can be her friend, but as far as relationship wise (NO) find someone else who appreciate you and your honesty and actually want a relationship. Leave her a lone

  • Strand
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    4 months ago

    Make what work? She isn't your girlfriend, you are just some guy she talks to. She is seeing other people and doesn't care if you do the same. You have only known her for two weeks and have spent the majority of it arguing. Eventually she is going to get bored with the petty drama and cut ties with you. Walk away with what is left of your dignity and end it now.

  • 4 months ago

    Talking and texting and chatting for 2 weeks does NOT make a relationship, and you have ZERO responsibilities in regards to this girl you've never met.  Additionally, she's clearly living her own life and doesn't take you that seriously. Get a grip, dude. Date real women in the real world, not random strangers over the internet.

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