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What is the Book Worm Trivia for Sunday 8.9.2020?

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    Sunday August 9th         

    Be Well and Stay Safe!

    Spread Good Wishes, We’re in This Together

    Bookworm Trivia:   Christina McDonald

    Classic Rock Challenge:   Jimmy Page

    Country Music Trivia:   LOCAH

    Get Your Game On:  2127

    Healthy Knowledge:   Columbus, OH

    Movie Trivia:   Rebel Wilson

    Music Challenge:   Dave Kursen

    Music Pop Quiz:   The Late Late Show With James Corden

    Sports Trivia:   Frank de Boer

    TV Trivia:   A Treasure Hunt

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    Bookworm Trivia - Christina McDonald

    Get Your Game On - 2127

    Healthy Knowledge - Columbus, OH

    Movie Trivia - Rebel Wilson

    Music Challenge - Dave Kursen

    Music Pop Quiz - The Late Late Show With James Corden    

    Sports Trivia- Frank de Boer

    TV Trivia - A Treasure Hunt

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