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do men cry when they are alone?

i know that most men cry less than women bc most women tend to be more emotional, but do men seriously never cry? or do they just never cry in front of people? i’m a woman myself yet i don’t even cry much. and i never cry in front of anyone especially. i’m very good at controlling my emotions and hiding how i feel so if i do cry it’s when no one else is around. is that how men are as well? thanks for the help!

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  • Men cry, but the reasons they cry are limited.  The end of an important relationship, the completion of a major goal or accomplishment of a lifelong dream, the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, experiencing a traumatic event, etc...

    And even then, the amount of crying they do is limited.  You can't cry about your wife leaving you 10 years after the marriage ended, for instance.  There's a time limit on these things and there's an acceptable amount of crying permitted.  The amount changes depending on what the event was, but in general, the idea is that if a man feels the need to cry, then it must be something very important or immediate.  He's only razzed if he's crying over things that really aren't important, like having trouble with people at work, or his clothes don't fit right anymore, or his haircut didn't turn out the way he wanted, or he had a hard day, or his siblings were mean to him when he was 7 and he's never forgotten it, etc...  If he's crying, another man will ask him what's wrong, and if the reason is good enough, then the men who see him will give him a pass and some quiet support.

    So yes, men cry, just not often, and they try not to cry in front of other people.  Not because of some macho bs about being a tough guy, but mainly out of an unwillingness to burden others with their problems.

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    No we don’t. That’s a myth. Just kidding. Take away gender labels and you’re left with fragile human beings. When the urge hits, or when life becomes unbearable, we too cry. I for one have been known to shed a tear or two when I get to my empty home after a long day and here’s no one there to share it with. Thanks goodness for pets.

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