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see u will say, why u didnt do anything when u are younger.What can i tell u? is anyone here gotten brainwashed at younger age? thx Serius?


I am tired of people saying why u didnt do anything when younger.

There has to be someone out here that has gotten guilttripped and manipulated like i have.


all this acts of crazt was out of frustration for years OH U Have to be decent U have to virgin  U have to this that. THey virgin till 35. Not look guy. Like what the hell

Update 2:

and when i asked people for help. they themeselves are breeding, but when find out my family . say no no no varsha. u have to wait. what will society say. Ur dad so important. U need to do BIG WEDDING and then ****. **** in big marriot . THats how people ****** with my brain. i can never forgive them. I was too innocent back then to yell at them for saying that because i had a lot of guilt and worry in my heart.

Update 3:

like for them . I have to be this perfect person who ***** in a big hotel. if i could go back i would Injure severly anyone who tried to brainwash me.

Update 4:

before knowing my famly are fine. as soon as find out. then

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    Be yourself. Read psychic self defence by Dion Fortin of the golden dawn. People are insecure and you're light shining on them illuminates to them their own faults and it scares them that someone could be independent at a young age. Listening to them for communication sake sometimes helps but if you're just being talked at they will only entertain long enough to regain control. This won't stop until they are powerless and humiliated and then accepting of their failure in controlling you... Break their spirits while you can. Be ruthless but humble and remember you love them... By ruthless I mean if you decide to stand your ground on something you do it and if your boundary is crossed at all you enforce the same as if they crashed across that boundary with a battallion. You got this and remember they love you and remember to get yourself around some of your friends and their family a.

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