Anxious about job offer and change?

I have been working in early years education for around 11/12 years.

During the pandemic we had to close and are unsure when we will open/what hours we will work etc so many uncertainties...

During the virus I began a cleaning job in a small private run clinic.

During my time there I often had talks with the staff and doctors.

I was approached one evening while cleaning by the clinics owner who said he like to take me on as a personal assistant with a bit of admin and reception work.

I was stunned by this and we spoke often about it and what it would mean for me.

A job with security same pay but more hours with a possible pay rise later.

I went in to observe the workplace for a day and found it less busy than I expected, I was overwhelmed by the admin aspect and all that involved but was told ‘you just catch on’

Another time I went in for more training and again felt somewhat overwhelmed but found I did remember aspects. Then suddenly I was asked to help with a clinical treatment which I didn’t know I would be helping with but was told that was sometimes part of the personal assistant role.

I will be attending the clinic again next week and to be honest I’m not looking forward to it.

I know this is a great opportunity. jobs will be scarce now and here I am being offered something with nice people wanting me to achieve and learn.

I don’t understand why I feel so anxious and uncomfortable about changing jobs.

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  • 2 months ago

    All new jobs are stressful. All new jobs come with new ways of doing things and a lot to learn. Most people who are qualified the the job they were hired for do catch on pretty quickly. If you aren't comfortable with the requirements of the job, then respectfully decline the opportunity.  If you are interested in medical assisting, you might want to take a certification for that or some other job training to get you out of child care.


  • Lisa
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    It is very natural to be anxious and uncomfortable about changing jobs, especially in the case in which you have to learn new skills.  There is no problem with that.  You will, over time, learn the things you need to learn and then become more at ease.  

    Keep in mind this is a time in our world's history in which there is much to be nervous about.  It is sort of in the air, and you are likely feeling the affects of that, too.

    I suggest you keep working at this job for a least a month and then re-evaluate how you feel.  Almost definitely you will find you are more at ease and are not at all as worried as you are now.

    Good luck to you.

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