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Lumps on outer lips of the vagina?

I got a small pea size pink lump on the outer lip of my vagina around a month ago (only realised today how long it’s been) and it’s still there. It’s slightly sore if pressed but otherwise doesn’t bother me. A week or two ago I noticed another one on the opposite lip further down but also slightly on the inner part of the lip - this second one is slightly longer but although it’s still a lump it feels more sore. Today I’ve gone for the hat trick and I have a third one, slightly higher than the first and again on the opposite side - this is slightly bigger than the first and again painful when pressed. None of these lumps have heads and I’ve had no puss, weeping or anything like that! I just don’t understand why they’re not going. 

My general vagina health is fine and no issues with discharge or smells. I had an STI test about 4 years ago which was all clear (I haven’t had any sexual contact since before then and was always safe) - the only thing it didn’t cover was syphilis but they said if the HIV, Chlamydia, gonorrhoea etc all came back fine then it shouldn’t be needed. I also had a smear test 3 years ago and that also came back fine and clear of HPV. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

My GP normally calls me every 2 weeks (for an ongoing issue) but she’s currently on away until September - I’ve also had an ear infection, panic attacks and an eye haemorrhage in the past few months and just feel like they’re probably fed up with me if I call about this if it’s nothing! 

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    I agree bartholins cyst is one option it’s not an infection but can get infected. Gyn would be for that

  • Lili
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    2 months ago

    You should call about anything that concerns you. Patients who say they don't want to bother their doctors are ignoring that fact that doctors EXIST to be "bothered" by their patients' needs. It's what they are there for.

    We are not doctors here and cannot diagnose you, so you need to be seen by a professional who can actually look at the problem and perhaps take material for a test.

    By the way: you should be having pap smears done more often than every three years. The NHS ought to cover it every two years -- more often if there's an issue going on.

    Edit: yes, cysts are a possibility, but there are others.  See a doctor.  Bartholin's cysts, though, shouldn't result in 3 -- there are only 2 places they can occur.

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    2 months ago

    Bartholin cysts ? I get them. Try Google.

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