who is right? me or my mother? ?

I'm 26, from Rumson , NJ , .. my Italian mother says I dress badly: if I put on a tight white tank top, like ryan from OC, it says I'm rude and that it sucks .. if I put on a blue sleeveless t shirt it says it's very ugly and I look like a tamarro .. if I wear the red handkerchief around his neck, cowboy style, says I look like a poor fellow. . do you think I dress really badly, or is it she who doesn't understand **** about clothes?

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  • 4 months ago
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    You are 26. An adult. You are able to pick your own clothes and choose outfits appropriate to your life and what you do in your life. Your mom needs to respect you and treat you like an adult. I'm on your side . And I'm not a young guy. Here's my deal: I'm a mom. 2 guys. Both over 30. After 12 they began picking their outdits. Once they were over 15 they did their own shopping, I just brought out the money. After they were 18 they were working and spent their own money. After they started college my days of wardrobe consultant were OVER. 

    I would never pick apart what they were wearing at 26. At 26  years of age a person is an adult and I respect them as adults and no longer treated them like children. And honestly, thank Cthulhu' they are no longer children and I don't have to micro manage them any more. You are an adult and your mom needs to learn that  she did all the tough stuff, her time is over, and your now a grown adult able to make your own decisions. 

  • 4 months ago

    Your mom's right up to a certain point and trying to teach you how to dress as one day it's going to help in the real world as you can't just dress anyway you want for a job.  

  • 4 months ago

    Why are you calling your mother "it" instead of "she"?

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